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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Seattle Weekly mentions Seaside

Thanks to George Howland for the mention:
Blogger-activist wunderkind Andrew Villeneuve has had the best guide to local lefty blogs, Pacific Northwest Portal, (, but on Thursday, May 26, the 19-year-old Bellevue Community College student from Redmond upgraded his site. It looks prettier, works faster, and now features a list of 242 liberal blogs—up from 30 blogs—from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, and Montana. You'll also find news headlines from around the region and NOAA weather reports. Now if only Villeneuve can achieve his other goal in life: shutting down initiative king Tim Eyman. GEORGE HOWLAND JR.
However, it's always hard to get the little details right, so I'll clarify a few things: first, Seaside actually launched last Wednesday (May 25th), but it is true that we didn't get finished tweaking it until the end of Thursday. So the launch did kind of stretch over two days.

Second, we didn't go from 30 blogs to 242 overnight, as might be implied. At the very beginning (when we started in January 2005), we had 30 blogs in the directory, which is what Howland meant. Oddly enough, though, the number of blogs added with Seaside (Version 4.0) is also 30. We climbed from 212 to 242, and we'll be adding more again soon.

The site isn't all mine, either. Though I'm executive director, Pacific Northwest Portal, like the rest of NPI's network, is a joint effort.

I have lots of goals in life, but Howland is absolutely right that one of them is shutting down Tim Eyman (who isn't a king of anything). That's what first got me interested in political activism and it certainly provides inspiration to keep on organizing and mobilizing for change.

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