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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Roger Goodman to run for 45th LD open seat

Exciting news: the 45th Legislative District, NPI's home district, now has a solid Democrat running in all three races for State House and State Senate this fall!
Attorney and criminal justice policy expert Roger Goodman announced today he will run for the State House seat vacated by Rep. Toby Nixon in the 45th Legislative District.

"Our region is extraordinary and at the same time faces some serious challenges. I'm eager to roll up my sleeves to address challenges like reducing traffic congestion, securing affordable health care and strengthening our educational system," said Goodman.

Goodman is the former Executive Director of the Washington State Sentencing Guidelines Commission, where he worked with the legislature to toughen penalties on domestic violence and to provide more treatment for drug addicts in the justice system. He currently directs the King County Bar Association's Drug Policy Project, which has assembled a large and influential professional and civic coalition working to reduce crime, improve health and save public money through better drug laws.

"I have a record of bridging differences and finding practical solutions and I'll rise above the partisan bickering to get that done," said Goodman. A Harvard-trained policy analyst, he brings impressive credentials to the race, including significant stints as a Congressional chief of staff and legislative director in Washington, D.C.

As a legislator, Goodman will focus on these priorities:

Bringing Down the Cost of Health Care: Creating a system that protects people during times of medical need and, at a minimum, providing all children with quality health care.

Seamlessly Connecting the Eastside with Downtown: Expanding capacity on 520, adding more transit and creating teamwork in Olympia to help ease movement of commerce and people around the region.

Creating a Public Education System for the 21st Century: Prioritizing the recommendations from the Governor's education commission "Washington Learns" and taking the steps needed to recruit and retain quality teachers, provide fair testing for graduation and prepare our kids for the future.

Ensuring Our Neighborhoods Are Safe And Secure: Roger will use his background and years of experience on criminal justice issues to make our homes, schools and neighborhoods more safe and secure.
We look forward to seeing Roger join state Senate candidate Eirc Oemig in mounting a vigorous campaign to capture this seat and help turn our home district blue this fall. If you're interested in meeting Roger and learning more about his candidacy, come to the next meeting of the 45th District Democrats.

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