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Friday, May 19, 2006

Referendum 65 Update

A footnote to the Permanent Defense Journal analysis about Referendum 65, posted earlier today, and available here. The Associated Press is now reporting that Eyman is asking (evangelical) churches for help with his measure to legalize discrimination:
Referendum 65 sponsor Tim Eyman is hoping churches will help him gather signatures for the measure to roll back a gay rights law.

He has sent 5,400 churches in Washington petitions for what he calls Referendum Sunday. He's asking the churches to help gather signatures and return them the following Sunday, May 28.
This is very important: if you see someone gathering signatures for Referendum 65 (or any other right wing initiative) please report the incident to Permanent Defense immediately.

UPDATE: More information about Tim Eyman's planned "Referendum Sunday" in favor of discrimination is in tomorrow's Seattle P-I.

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