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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Redmond PCC opens for business

As I reported last week, PCC Natural Markets is opening its eighth store, this one on the northern edge of the beautiful City of Redmond.

The store's grand opening was this morning. Present were the leadership of PCC (Puget Consumers' Cooperative) and Redmond Mayor Rosemarie Ives, along with Councilmember Richard Cole.

After a bit of speechifying (in which the mayor noted that the building which houses the new PCC will be going for the LEED Gold certification - a Redmond first - the ceremonial ribbon was cut and the large crowd of people who had gathered swarmed into the new store to explore.

The new store, huge by PCC standards, is located less than 2 miles away from NPI's Redmond headquarters. It features a wide selection of quality organic food, and a cafe in the front.

It will be open for business daily from 6 AM to 11 PM. We will certainly be regular patrons there.

After the store opened, I spoke with Tracy Wolpert, CEO of PCC Natural Markets, and asked him what he liked most about the new store.

He told me that he was especially pleased that PCC now had a store that could serve the greater Redmond community, including, he said, people who had moved out to the Eastside from Seattle and were PCC shoppers when they lived in the Emerald City. He was also pleased that PCC was bringing more jobs (and good jobs) to Redmond.

To learn more about the new Redmond store, visit PCC's website. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so here's some photographs of the new store:

PCC Natural Markets Redmond Store Grand Opening

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