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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Rahm Emanuel leads rally for Darcy Burner

Rahm Emanuel, the chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, or DCCC, just finished speaking at a packed and very energized rally on Mercer Island for Darcy Burner, the Democrat who is challenging Dave Reichert in Washington's 8th Congressional District.

Emanuel was one of many speakers, including State Democratic Chairman Dwight Pelz and Rodney Tom, who is running for the state Senate in the 48th against Republican Luke Esser. All three spoke about the importance of winning back Congress in 2006, holding the administration accountable, and changing the course of America.

As in past speeches, Darcy spoke knowledgeably about the situation we face in Iraq - and why we owe it to our men and women in uniform to come up with a plan for giving Iraq back to the Iraqis.

She delivered her remarks smoothly and concisely. It is clear to anyone who listens to her speak these days how comfortable and relaxed she is in front of a podium or in front of a microphone.

Emanuel seemed pleased to be in attendance, despite the fact that he'd apparently just gotten off a plane and had come a long way out from Illinois. He was very polished, and made a compelling argument about the importance of winning this year, in 2006, not in 2008.

"We can stay the course, or choose a new direction," Emanuel said. "But all the Republicans want to offer is stay the course, the status quo - stand pat."

"All Dave Reichert wants to do is rubber stamp Bush's policies," Emanuel continued. "Voters needs to know there's a choice."

"Every election, and every effort [to take back Congress] starts in individual Congressional Districts," he noted. "And you have a candidate who fits the district perfectly."

"We're going to invest alongside you," Emanuel declared, of the DCCC's commitment to the race. "But you have to make it happen. We can't do it without you."

Darcy continues to do an admirable job of blending her personal background, her motivation for running, her values, and her priorities into her presentation. She has crafted a very appealing, unique and personable stump speech that is not only convincing, but also inspiring, and even captivating.

The rally, although short, was exceptionally well attended and filled with a contagious spirit. Attendees were delighted to hear the news (just announced today) that Dubya himself is coming out in mid June to raise money for Dave Reichert's campaign.

All of the speakers repeatedly emphasized the importance of this - because, as most activists know, Dubya's handlers don't allow him to appear at a fundraiser with just any Republican candidate. Bush is coming out because Reichert's campaign is in danger. Darcy's campaign, on the other hand, is strong, robust, and refreshing.
The campaign is thinking strategically and creatively, reaching out to the netroots, and engaging voters early. But Darcy needs our help - our time, talents, and treasure - to continue to make this race competitive. It's clear from today's rally that she's beginning to get the kind of support she really needs to wage a powerful, successful effort.

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