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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Prediction Tuesday preempted by FoxNews Confidence

I know it's sad for some of you to visit me and find me on my front step, shaking my cane at the traffic, hollering about how things are going to Hell in a Chinese handbasket. "Poor fellow," you say to yourselves, "It's Prediction Tuesday, and he's just going to embarrass himself again with some doom and gloom."

Well, I don't go out in front except to get the paper. I hang out in the basement, safe from UV rays and spies. Maybe I am alarmed by positive predictions. You may see a Chicken Little in me, but I see a room full of reverse Chicken Littles in you, sanguine because the roof hasn't collapsed yet. Sure, you see plaster dust is starting to fall, but just because you haven't started sneezing ....

... It turns out that my image of you is just another paranoid delusion. The attitude that the economy is doing well is confined to people of the Republican persuasion. I call it FoxNews Confidence (TM) or the Karl Rove Recovery (TM).

A Pew Research Center report demonstrates that while 56% of Republicans see the economy doing well, only half that many Independents share a similar view, and even fewer Democrats.

All of which does not excuse me for not having done my homework. I promised a closer look at the last 6-year forecast, but I'm not going to do it this month.

I couldn't tease anything new out of things.

I'll review the June edition of the Office of Forecast Council's Washington Economic and Revenue Forecast in detail next month. Promise.

The Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, 1.24.06

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