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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Official Blog Upgraded Again

Why another upgrade so soon? Because we like having the freedom to tinker. (That, and we decided a few adjustments would improve the functionality.) This upgrade is released as Version 3.6.

You'll notice we've made a few changes to the blogroll, including the addition of a few new blogs. We also corrected an RSS link which got broken after we renamed one of the feeds. (All of the feeds are now in good working order).

Lastly, we improved the archiving system. On index pages (including this page - the main page) you will now see a list of archive links from which you can choose to browse posts from previous months. The dropdown menu was retained for post pages (accessed by permalinks) for faster loading and a cleaner, shorter sidebar column. Post pages should always load very quickly.

That takes care of the meta housekeeping for now.

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