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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

NRSC, NRCC resort to vicious mudslinging

It's not even autumn yet, but the Republican Party's campaign committees are already gearing up their Rovian machine of sleaze and filth with which to attack Democrats and anyone who they think might threaten their hold on power.

Down in California, the NRCC (the House campaign committee) is so afraid that Democrat Francine Busby will capture the House seat once held by Randy "Duke" Cunningham that they've produced a disgusting, unbelievable (and dumb) attack ad comparing her to teenage drunk drivers.

(We're not making this up. Wish we were).

The first page of the ad reads:
Teenagers can be irresponsible...even dangerous.
Well, that certainly clears up one thing: the GOP has abandoned any pretense of trying to reach out to young people. Apparently it's not worth the effort any more because it's too obvious to young Americans that the Republican Party doesn't care about them.

The second and third pages are adorned with the headline:

Politicians are even more irresponsible than teenagers. those guys running the show in Washington D.C. - you know, um, Bush, Hastert, Frist, and their posse? Yeah, them. We'd have to agree that those politicians are certainly more irresponsible than most teenagers. It takes a great deal of skillful make-believe to attempt to unfairly smear Francine Busby when you have such an obvious double standard to hide.

And of course they're always looking to go out with a bang. Here's the text of the last page of the NRCC's ad, which reads in large type:
Which is more irresponsible? A teenager or a politician?
See the whole ad for yourself here. It takes viciousness, lies, and deception to a whole new level. But what's even more absurd is what a stupid ad this is. Is this really the best they can do?

Meanwhile, the NRSC (the Senate campaign committee) has busied itself bombarding the Washington State press corps with online attack pieces screaming that Maria Cantwell wants to tax Washingtonians out of their homes. (Basically, the usual delusional Republican deceptions). Republicans don't have the courage or the integrity to provide honest, ethical leadership. Republicans just can't govern!

We need to elect a Democratic Congress in 2006 to put America back in the proper direction and hold the out-of-control Bush administration accountable.

Our fiscal health is endangered, our credibility and reputation aboard is in tatters, our country's natural resources and public lands are being squandered, and corruption is rampant. We can fix the huge mess the Republicans have made of our country - but it will take a long time. We need to get started as soon as possible.

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