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Sunday, May 14, 2006

In Brief - May 14th, 2006

Here is today's quick news digest:
  • Truthout is reporting that Karl Rove has been indicted. If it's true, it isn't surprising - we'll see whether Patrick Fitzgerald has something to say in the next few days.
  • Here's something worth reading, or at least skimming: Jerome a Paris debunks a truckload of silly and repetitive arguments from opponents of wind power on Daily Kos.
  • Wayne Madsen of the Salt Lake Tribune points out that a Gore presidency in 2008 isn't such an unlikely scenario. (We'd love to see Al run for President in 2008. Were he to run, we bet he could clear a lot of other potential candidates out of the field pretty early). And speaking of Al Gore, the man who should be our President now opened Saturday Night Live (SNL) last night with a humorous Oval Office address to the nation that assumes he has been in charge of the country for the last few years. The clip is available on YouTube.
  • The Seattle P-I Editorial Board commends State Sen. Pat Thibaudeau in an editorial tomorrow for deciding to move on and not seek reelection this fall, thus clearing the way for Ed Murray to run unopposed. The P-I had another good editorial this morning, finishing up its series on energy, in which the Apollo Alliance (which our own Rep. Jay Inslee and Senator Maria Cantwell are involved with) was mentioned.
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