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Monday, May 08, 2006

I-920 proponents getting desperate?

NPI's Permanent Defense has received reports that blank I-920 petitions have mysteriously been inserted into copies of the latest edition of the Capitol Hill Times. (If you don't remember, Initiative 920 is the initiative to repeal the state's estate tax, which funds public education.)

One of the individuals who reported this to us commented, "They are obviously expecting Capitol Hill residents to take up their fight for them. Who do they think we are, anyway???"

Sounds like a pretty desperate tactic.

I myself spotted a blank I-920 petition at the King County Convention last Saturday (and was pretty shocked to think that someone, perhaps an overly ambitious signature gatherer, would have thought it wise to bother asking progressive Democrats to sign a right wing initiative).

Readers, if you have information about this incident, please report it to Permanent Defense immediately.

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