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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Darcy Burner is "Netroots Endorsed"!

This is HUGE news - Matt Stoller at MyDD has announced that the next Netroots Endorsed candidate is our own Darcy Burner!
The next netroots candidate is Darcy Burner in Washington's eighth Congressional district. The district is trending blue, and Burner is incredibly smart and a natural camapigner going against vulnerable incumbent David Reichert. She is also young (35) and web-savvy, having worked at Microsoft, and these traits will serve her well in a House that is desperately in need of new blood. She has promised, for instance, to post on her Congressional web site a list of all meetings with lobbyists by her or any staff member, which is a fundamentally new approach to governance.
This is an amazing victory for the regional blogosphere in the Pacific NW - working together, we have ensured that this important race gets the national attention it deserves.

Darcy is now at the top of the "Netroots Endorsed" page at Actblue.

Kudos to everyone who took time to participate in helping nominate Darcy on MyDD and Daily Kos. Your words of support and encouragement made a huge difference. And of course, credit goes to Darcy herself for making netroots outreach one of the most important priorities of her campaign.

This is a significant accomplishment - something we should all be very proud of.

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