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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Spectacular reception for Markos and Jerome in Seattle

The first day of Markos and Jerome's Pacific NW Crashing the Gate Tour has concluded - and I have to say, it was a huge success.

The authors were fabulous in both of their radio appearances (Jerome on KUOW's Weekday at 9 AM, and both authors on The Dave Ross Show at 4 PM). But more importantly, they got a spectacular reception at their speaking events (one at Microsoft, the second at the Labor Temple in Seattle).

Especially at the Labor Temple, it was a packed house. You could hardly find a place to sit down. Mostly the authors responded to attendees' questions, although they did give introductions. They also signed a lot of books.

It seemed that a lot of the discussions Markos and Jerome had throughout the day were centered around one idea: how the Democratic Party can save itself and start winning again. There were a fairly large amount of people who tied their own personal experiences into their questions.

You could practically detect the frustration in the air at the public events. It's obvious that progressives are sick of "business as usual" in the Democratic Party.

Seattle area progressives turned out in large numbers to hear Markos and Jerome because they are a refreshing change from the normal palette of political speakers we hear from. Quite often the speakers are candidates holding out their hands asking for money, or party leaders pontificating.

The progressive grassroots - now also the netroots - are longing for change. Not just here, but everywhere across the country. We need leaders who are courageous. adventurous, and not afraid of taking the Republicans head on.

We need leaders who can confidently tell voters what the Democratic Party is about and why the party's values are also America's values. Timidity doesn't work. As Markos stated more than once yesterday, we've already pretty much hit rock bottom. We don't control any branch of the federal government. It's time to stop heading in the wrong direction.

But Crashing the Gate can put the party back on course. It's great that this very important message is now available in an offline medium. Blogs have their advantages, but so do books.

If you missed last night's event at the Labor Temple, there's still a chance to meet Markos and Jerome. Come out to Marymoor Park at midday today to meet the authors. More details are available here.

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