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Saturday, April 08, 2006

McGavick ditches campaign manager

It seems the Lobbyist! Mike! McGavick! Campaign! (sorry, couldn't resist) is having some serious issues. NPI has learned that Ian Goodhew, who has apparently managed McGavick's campaign over the last eight months, is leaving the campaign.

It's unclear whether he was forced out, asked to leave, or that he simply overtaxed himself and decided to quit.

But for Republicans, Goodhew's departure is a worrisome sign. The McGavick campaign has had a very, very difficult time finding its footing and continues to repeatedly stumble. Right now, the entire operation is on very shaky ground. Despite dumping a lot of money into TV ad buys McGavick hasn't moved in the polls at all.

Stae Democratic Party Chair Dwight Pelz declared that Goodhew's departure is simply another sign of a poorly run campaign:
The McGavick campaign lost their message and now they’ve lost their manager.

Lobbyist Mike! said he was running as a healer and a moderate, but then he turns around and invites Dick Cheney to town and is flying up to Alaska to take money from Big Oil courtesy of Sen. Ted Stevens.

This is a sign of a floundering, desperate campaign that has been trying to hide the fact that Lobbyist Mike! is nothing more than a rubber stamp for the Bush Administration.
McGavick needs money so he's turning to reliable big names like Ted Stevens and Dick Cheney to help wealthy donors cough up more special interest money for his campaign. That's certainly not going to sit well with Washingtonians. The Evergreen State simply doesn't need another senator in the pocket of the corrupt Bush administration.

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