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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Coming clean at the Taxk Force

I came home last night to find an e-mail from our esteemed chair admonishing me for extracurricular activities for not informing the other members of Tacoma's Revenue Task Force that I had been posting here. I was not trying to hide out, not consciously, at least. I had checked with the legal counsel to the committee to make sure blogging was okay. I had not advertised the activity more to avoid political distractions in what should be a straightforward look at municipal financing. Also so as not to blow my own horn. And a little bit because I am wary of the Open Meetings Act.

(So Task Force members, don't use the comment function on this site till we get a ruling on whether that would constitute "deliberations." If you see yourself caricatured here, it's because I'm focused on the economics. The characters are not nuanced. Honest.)

Now the Faithful Thirty-Nine will likely be expanded by ten or eleven for a day or so, and to make life easier, I have collected the posts on the Taxk Force below, so you won't have to scroll through the past three months. Also check out the Pacific Northwest Portal, the regional information gateway and media center created by NPI's resident genius (and Executive Director) Andrew Villeneuve and company.
And here is a piece on a state income tax, with a very good comment from Jeanne Large appended.

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