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Friday, April 07, 2006

Attacks on Burner an effort to distract the media from Reichert's record

Over the last few days, right wing blogger and GOP hack Stefan Sharkansky has developed an infatuation with leveling pathetically ridiculous personal attacks at Darcy Burner, the Democratic candidate for the 8th Congressional District.

Stefan's silly criticisms, which have already been refuted on HorsesAss and Slog (among other places), are stupidly absurd and without merit, and not worth debunking again here. But there's a reason these attacks are being made.
The Republicans are afraid.

They know that Dave Reichert is weak - very weak. They know that he's vulnerable. They know that Reichert is no moderate, and that he is facing a challenger who will not hesitate to expose Reichert for who he really is.

And now that Darcy Burner has shown her fundraising prowess by raising a huge amount of money in the last quarter, hacks like Stefan have been no doubt been instructed by GOP party leaders to go on the attack - even if they have absolutely nothing to attack with.

They want to distract the media from the real story - Dave Reichert's truly awful record in Congress. But we won't let that happen.

Here's the record that voters in the 8th CD really care about:
  • Reichert voted to slash Medicare and Medicaid. (HR 4241)
  • Reichert voted to give billions in tax breaks to the oil industry. (HR 6)
  • Reichert flip-flopped and voted against opening the Arctic to oil drilling before he voted for it. (The Seattle Times, December 28, 2005)
  • Reichert voted to open hundreds of thousands of acres of public land to private development. (The Seattle P-I, November 12, 2005)
  • Reichert voted against VA funding and extending healthcare for families National Guard and Reserve personnel. (Amdt to HR 1815)
  • Reichert voted against the creation of a plan for withdrawal from Iraq. (Amdt 26 to HR 1815) (Amdt 26 to HR 1815)
  • Reichert voted in favor of weakening House Ethics Committee rules to protect Tom DeLay (HR 5)
  • Reichert voted against stem cell research. (HR 810)
  • Reichert voted against increased funding for state and local law enforcement. (HR 2862)
  • Reichert voted to allow nuclear waste to be stored at Hanford - "Surprisingly" said the P-I on June 1, 2005 - and voted for massive tax breaks for oil companies. (HR 2419 & HR 6)
  • Reichert voted to gut student loan programs. (HR 4241)
Dave Reichert is not a good representative for the people of the 8th District. He's another vote for Tom Delay (or was) and another vote for George Bush. It's time for Dave Reichert to leave Congress. His first term must be his last term.

The people of the 8th Congressional District deserve a representative who actually shares their values. Someone who believes that every American deserves an opportunity to succeed. Someone who believes in protecting our environment for future generations. Someone who believes that all young Americans should have the chance to get a college education.

That someone is Darcy Burner. She's running for Congress this year because she wants to change the direction of this country. A vote for Darcy is a vote for a better future. A vote for Reichert is a vote for higher deficits, fewer opportunities, and more unchecked power for George W. Bush.

That's what this campaign is about. These efforts to attack Burner's personal and professional background are outrageous and predictable. The media should ignore this garbage and investigate the real story: Dave Reichert's record.

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