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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

TX-28: Cuellar prevails over Ciro Rodriguez (again)

The election results from TX-28 turned out to be very disappointing. There was a big focus on this race and a lot of national promotion of Ciro but it didn't pay any dividends. Henry Cuellar, perhaps the nation's most obnoxious Democrat-In-Name-Only, appears to have prevailed over Ciro Rodriguez in the Democratic primary - again.
It's over. The early voting totals were terrible. Cuellar pulled 12,772 (57.98%) of the early vote. Ciro got 7,579 (34.40%), and Morales got 1,678 (7.62%). This thing was lost before today even began.
Well, at least there was an effort. Unseating incumbents is a difficult business to begin with. I wasn't on the ground in TX-28 so I have no idea why Ciro Rodriguez's voters didn't turn out.

Better luck next time.

UPDATE: Well, Ciro sure doesn't want to give up. More power to him:
"As far as I am concerned we are in a run-off. We will be picking up our signs from the polls and re-using them in thirty days. Until we know exactly what happened today in Webb County, this race is not over.

"I wouldn't be here if I hadn't gotten the support of the online community. It's been overwhelming to see how people can make a difference, and make things happen by coming together, even if it an hour of blockwalking, a few phone calls or $20 and $40 dollars at a time. We must have the final word in who our leadership will be, not the special interests, and we must keep up this fight. I want to think the thousands who have given their time and resources to push this campaign forward.

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for each and every kind word, dollar bill and one cent."
That's the kind of fighting spirit I like to see. The days of Democrats rolling over and collapsing in close elections need to be over.

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