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Monday, March 20, 2006

Should Nancy Pelosi be replaced?

Kos contends she's been an ineffective leader for the House Democratic caucus and assails inside-the-Beltway thinking:
The conventional wisdom amongst D.C. Democrats appears to be, "if we're quiet enough, Republicans will do themselves in and we'll benefit." Problem is, that people don't trudge to the polls to vote against candidates. They are required, in our Democracy, to check a box FOR a candidate.

And Democrats are doing everything in their power to ensure that people have no reason to go to the polls. They aren't going to vote for Republicans. That much is clear. But why should they vote for Democrats, the same Democrats who have failed to stand up to Republican excesses over the past five years?

These poll-obsessed and their risk-averse consultants looked at Bush's high numbers in the wake of 9-11 and internalized their appeasement strategy. It did them no good in 2002 and 2004. Then in 2005 and 2006, as Bush's numbers keep finding new lows, these DC Dems can't break their habits.

In the Senate, Harry Reid has caused Republicans no small amount of heartburn. But in the House, Democrats under Pelosi's leadership have been all but neutered. How many ethics complaints has Pelosi and her team filed? None. And they ostracized Chris Bell when he filed his complaints against DeLay. How did Pelosi react to Lois Slaughter's seminal report on Republican corruption? She quickly and meekly pulled it from her website when Republicans raised a stink. She just attacked Feingold for introducing his censure resolution. And she's leading the charge to destroy sites like this one by regulating them to death.

The pattern is clear -- target and eliminate any party individual or institution that stands up to the Republican juggernaut.

I think House Democrats in 2006 would be well served by casting about for a new leader, whether we win the House or not. And to think I was once a fan of Pelosi's ...
Personally, I have been very unimpressed with Nancy Pelosi's leadership. I get a lot of emails from her (and the DCCC) asking for my money, but it doesn't seem like she's on the offensive much against the House Republican caucus. What is she doing to build momentum for the 2006 elections? A truly effective minority leader is a serious pain in the majority party's side. Ask Harry Reid.

Pelosi's lack of initiative and timidity is a problem. The House Democrats should look for a new leader.

What do you think? Post your thoughts in the thread.

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