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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

NPI: Two years of blogging

Today marks the two year anniversary of the founding of the Northwest Progressive Institute Official Blog.

We began this blog two years ago to provide a liberal, progressive perspective on local, national, and international news and politics.

Two years ago, the political climate (and the blogosphere) were very different. In two years we've witnessed an amazing surge of growth in the progressive blogosphere and a resurgence in the progressive movement.

Exactly two years ago, I launched this blog with a short post at 11:02 AM:
Welcome to the new Northwest Progressive Institute blog! Here, you can view the thoughts and ideas of the Northwest Progressive Institute.

We'll be posting daily updates, so check back often!
In the last year, since our first anniversary, we followed the gubernatorial election challenge to its conclusion (with three posts during every day of the trial in Wenatchee), opposed Initiatives 900 and 912, and chronicled developments in local, national, and regional politics.

In August of 2005 we launched a sweeping new template for this blog and have continued to tweak that to improve your reading experience. That same month, we also had a recap of the kickoff conference for PLAN - the Progressive Legislative Action Network.

In the autumn we ran our famous "Disaster Picture of the Week Series", highlighting the consequences of not investing in transportation infrastructure.
We were there on Election Night, bringing you live updates as Ron Sims was reelected and I-912 was defeated.

Over the last year this blog has carried our organization's announcements, breaking news stories, political analysis, and investigative reports (such as our March 31st post about Dave Reichert's Social Security Town Hall forum, published shortly after our first anniversary, which drew attention - and several thousand visitors - from Josh Marshall's Talking Points Memo).

In May we published a one-on-one interview with Al Franken, considered by many to be Air America's top host, and in June we published a special guest editorial on political parties and grassroots politics, written by Reed Davis.

It has indeed been one amazing year, filled with both victories and setbacks (although we think there were more victories then setbacks!) Here's to another great year filled with as many highlights, if not more, then the last.

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