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Thursday, March 30, 2006

In Brief - March 30th, 2006

Here's your quick news digest for today:
  • The publishers of the Seattle P-I and Seattle Times will move their life-or-death contract dispute into binding arbitration, with no possible appeal. If the publishers' proposal is approved in court it will take place in May 2007. That's when we'll find out whether the P-I will survive or not.
  • P-I columnist Robert Jamieson urges society to stop criticizing the parents of the two young girls who were killed in last weekend's shootings on Capitol Hill (and we agree).
  • So Blue Cross of California apparently has a "retroactive review department" devoted to finding ways the company can escape its obligations to members who become seriously ill. Now that's sick.
  • Talking Points Memo Muckraker has dug up the IRS 990 form for Move America Forward, the nonprofit founded by Howard Kaloogian, a former state assemblyman who is now hoping to capture Duke Cunningham's old House seat.
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