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Friday, March 24, 2006

Domenech quits Washington Post

Ben Domenech, the GOP hack and conservative blogger hired by the Washington Post just a few days ago, has resigned as allegations that he has routinely plagiarized other works have reached a fever pitch.

Numerous progressive bloggers, including several members of the Daily Kos community, as well as Atrios and others, have uncovered instance after instance of plagiarism by Domenech and publicly reported it.

Yesterday, Media Matters called on the Washington Post to fire Domenech without delay. And Jim Brady, executive editor of the Washington Post's website, (who was responsible for hiring Domenech in the first place) claimed that he was prepared to fire Domenech had the RedState co-founder decided not to voluntarily resign.

Apparently Brady is now looking for another conservative blogger to replace Domenech. His stubborn desire to get a right wing viewpoint on the Post's website is puzzling. There is absolutely no reason to hire a conservative blogger unless the Post is also going to hire a progressive blogger for balance, as DHinMI (who also assailed Brady for not knowing how to use Google) points out.

Let the Domenech fiasco be a lesson to the people who run traditional media outlets, boasting of their objective reputations: don't hire people until you've thoroughly vetted them and don't hire a fiery partisan from the right without also hiring one just as passionate from the left.

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