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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Decline to Sign: Think Before You Ink

A reminder that petitioners are now out collecting signatures for several right wing initiatives which could seriously jeopardize Washington's future.

I-917 PetitionThe initiative with the most petitioners right now (according to reports) is Initiative 917, Tim Eyman's initiative to gut transportation funding.

Eyman himself has been seen out in front of stores collecting signatures for I-917. Petitioners collecting signatures for I-917 are most likely to be paid and employed by Eyman's close ally Roy Ruffino, who runs "Citizen Solutions".

The image to the left depicts what the I-917 petitions look like.

If you see a petitioner collecting signatures for Initiative 917 (or another right wing initiative) please report the activity immediately to Permanent Defense.

And if you see voters being approached by a petitioner asking them to sign I-917, let them know the measure would gut over $2.5 billion in transportation funding, including money for Amtrak Cascades, highway safety, and Washington State Ferries.

Materials will soon be available from Permanent Defense that you can use to let voters know about the consequences of this dangerous initiative.

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