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Friday, March 31, 2006

The Chevy Commercial You Have to See

Via Kos and Democratic Underground, we learn that someone with a brilliant sense of humor has taken advantage of the Chevy Apprentice website to create a car commercial that finally speaks truth to power.

See what I mean - follow this URL to see the commercial ON Chevy's website! (Macromedia Flash player required).

Chevy Becomes A JokeChevy launched the website as part of their big promotional for "The Apprentice", Donald Trump's "reality" show, which is currently in its fifth season. (It airs Monday nights on NBC). They probably have no idea what they have unleashed...

Dozens upon dozens of other satirical spoofs are now being created by imaginative progressives, but none that I've seen have yet topped the beauty of this first one (if you want more, here's some good ones). That particular combination of the video and music provided by Chevy with biting commentary is just amazing.

This effort surely deserves an award!

Here's my commercial. I put it up against all the soundtracks and I liked this one the best.

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