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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Be afraid, Stefan. Be very afraid.

Stefan Sharkansky has a post up at unSoundPolitics attempting in vain to put a damper on the enthusiasm that's been building around the campaign of Democrat Darcy Burner, who is challenging Republican Dave Reichert in the 8th Congressional District.

According to Stefan (who famously predicted that the GOP was going to win the gubernatorial election challenge - we'll never let him live that down) "the various lunatic fringe Democrats" are "going ga-ga over this year's unknown and inexperienced Eastside Congressional candidate".

The various lunatic fringe?

Last time I checked, just about everyone in the Democratic Party is behind Darcy Burner's candidacy. From the progressive blogosphere, which is united in its support of her, to the Democratic organizations in the 8th CD (including my own, the 45th Legislative District Democrats, which gave her an early endorsement at its last meeting) there is broad netroots and grassroots support for Darcy.

She has the backing of the entire state's Democratic congressional delegation, from Norm Dicks to Jay Inslee.

Just recently, Senator Patty Murray and State Democratic Chairman Dwight Pelz sent out fundraising emails on her behalf. She's also been endorsed by former Governor Gary Locke and dozens of other Democratic leaders.

And as you mentioned, she has the support of Howard Dean - and Eli Sanders wrote a great profile of her for The Stranger.

The various lunatic fringe?

No, Stefan - this is the united Democratic Party of Washington State standing behind its nominee for the 8th Congressional District.

You should be afraid, Stefan. Afraid that next January, the Washington State congressional delegation will no longer include Dave Reichert.

You naively think that just because Darcy Burner hasn't been in the state Legislature, she can't beat Dave Reichert? Not much of a political analyst, are you, Stefan? Well, you should be afraid. Darcy Burner is smart, a hard worker, and a fast learner. She understands the people of the 8th Congressional District. And she will mount an extremely strong challenge to Reichert.

But don't take my word for it, Stefan. Inexperienced GOP Sen. John McCain was in town this week, and he reportedly told KVI afternoon host John Carlson that this was going to be a "tight race".

And I agree. This will indeed be a very competitive race. Dave Reichert is a vulnerable incumbent and a weak congressman. His constituent services are terrible, he avoids the public, and worst of all, he's in Tom Delay's pocket. He does not share the values of the people he represents.

Darcy Burner is currently working hard to meet a challenging fundraising goal ($320,000 cash on hand) and is in need of your support. Please give Darcy a generous contribution today and help give Stefan a reason to be nervous.

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