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Friday, March 03, 2006

Another lousy online poll

The Puget Sound Business Journal's latest "Business Pulse Survey" question is:

If the U.S. Senate race were held tomorrow, would you vote for Democrat Sen. Maria Cantwell or Republican challenger Mike McGavick?

Of course, online polls are entirely meaningless, unscientific, and inconclusive...but that's no reason to let the other side win. You can cast your vote for Maria here.

Meanwhile, the Mike McGavick campaign continues to try and make hay over yesterday's non-event:
In a stunning reversal of policy credited to work done by Mike, Sen. Ted Stevens yesterday announced that he is not going to pursue his bill to overturn the Magnusson amendment. Stevens' bill could have allowed an increase in the amount of tanker traffic in Puget Sound.

Through a constructive dialogue Mike started with Stevens on the tanker issue last year, he was able to demonstrate to Stevens that the wishes of Washingtonians should be respected.


As Mike said: "I'm glad that, as a candidate, I was able to win on this issue for our state."
Some win. Stevens was incredibly stupid to introduce the legislation in the first place, and he continues to provide Sen. Maria Cantwell with ammunition for her reelection campaign. It's hard not to burst out laughing when you hear the words "stunning reversal of policy".

Oh...and by the whoever authored this "McGavick Update" ... it's Magnuson, not "Magnusson".

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