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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

48th District Democrats affirm Debi Golden's right to run against Esser

Yesterday, news spread quickly that former Republican State Representative Rodney Tom, who represents the 48th LD, has switched parties so he can run as a conservative Democrat and challenge progressive Debi Golden for the Democratic nomination in the state Senate race. (The winner of the primary will go on to face Republican Luke Esser in the general election).

Tonight, the 48th District Democrats held their monthly general membership meeting, which was attended by both Debi Golden and Rodney Tom.

After Rodney Tom had spoken to the LD, NPI's own Andrew Tsao stood up and introduced a motion which called on the district to affirm Golden's right to seek the nomination. (Golden has been pressured by Democratic leaders to drop out and allow Rodney Tom a clear field):
I am asking that this body take up and vote on the following motion: That the 48th District Democrats supports the right of Debi Golden to maintain her candidacy for the state Senate campaign. This vote would be considered a sense of the assembly and be entered in the record.
After a heated debate, the membership voted to approve the motion, with 32 voting in favor and 3 voting against.

(Note: Originally I reported that the vote was 32 to 14. That was an error. It was 32 to 3, with 14 abstaining. Sorry about the error.)

NPI commends the membership of the 48th LD for affirming that Debi Golden has the right to maintain her candidacy. There is no question that Golden is a loyal Democrat. She has played by the party's rules and done what the party has asked of her. It is unfair of party leaders to now ask Golden to leave the race.

It sends the message that loyalty to the party will not be rewarded - and that's the wrong message to send. But fortunately, that's not the message the grassroots are sending.

Democrats in the 48th LD should be proud of the vote they took tonight.

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