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Friday, February 10, 2006

New blogs on the virtual block

The regional progressive blogosphere continues to expand at a fast pace. The next group of blogs to join Pacific NW Portal's Regional Blogs directory is already the largest ever. (We hope to update the directory soon at the same time we unveil an array of other new features and improvements).

But I want to point you to one blog in particular that was just started recently which covers some really good material. The Majority Rules Blog, run by Steve Zemke of Taxpayers for Washington's Future, covers everything from environmental issues to the initiative process to voting rights.

It covers both local and national politics and frequently has news items that I haven't seen elsewhere. I've added it to our blogroll and I urge fellow bloggers to do the same thing.

We're working very hard on the next version of Pacific Northwest Portal (and a number of other projects!) - so to all those bloggers out there who are waiting to be added to our directory - we ask for your patience. You have not been forgotten.

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