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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Mehlman hosts fundraiser for McGavick

Look who's in town:
The National chair of the Republican party, Ken Mehlman, in Seattle for a Lincoln Day dinner, told KOMO 4 News that despite the need to spend nationally to maintain control of the House and Senate that he expects significant support for McGavick in what he called "a winnable race."
Republicans may spend as much as $20 million attempting to defeat Senator Maria Cantwell this year.

During last night's fundraiser, McGavick also invited Bush to visit Washington State, saying, "The president is the president of our country and the head of our party. And if the president wants to visit Washington State, that would be wonderful."

Responded Dwight Pelz, the Chairman of the State Democratic Party:
We would be thrilled to have George Bush come here in person to campaign for lobbyist Mike McGavick. It would give Washington voters a clear chance to see how closely Bush and McGavick are aligned, and to see their identical vision for our nation.

But if the President is going to come to Washington to support McGavick, he needs to answer some questions about his repeated wrong choices for Washington State, including his new budget that will hurt our citizens even more.

When insurance lobbyist Mike stands with the likes of Karl Rove and Ken Mehlman, who are responsible for some of the nastiest, most under-handed campaigns in history, it’s clear that his repeated call for civility is nothing but a sham.
And in fact, McGavick's only real theme so far - which he's been repeating at his endless series of "kickoff" events - has indeed been "we need more civility". That's not very impressive.

Lobbyist Mike is going to have a difficult time explaining why Maria Cantwell needs to be replaced - because Cantwell has been a hard worker in the U.S. Congress fighting for the people of Washington State.

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