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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Introducing the Infocenter

This morning we're launching another minor upgrade to our blog template. This revision is released as Version 3.3. It corrects a couple minor display issues in some browsers (not IE or Firefox) and introduces some design changes.

All of the really noticeable changes affect the sidebar.

The first thing you'll notice about the revamped sidebar is the new Infocenter, marked by a light blue background. The Infocenter is where you'll find links to all of our Atom and RSS feeds - for this blog, for our multimedia content, and for Permanent Defense.

The new Infocenter also allows readers to subscribe to receive an email digest delivered daily with links and summaries of recently published posts. If you're someone who likes getting alerts delivered to your inbox, this service is for you. Take advantage of it today.

You need only click the confirmation link in the email that gets sent to you and then you're set. You may also be interested in this option if you want to keep up with NPI usng your mobile device.

We've moved our Multimedia Feed aggregator up the sidebar just below the new Infocenter so you can easily access our most recent podcasts and multimedia content.

Finally, we have added some new links to the blogroll and recategorized the blogroll itself.

That's basically the extent of the changes.

While these are minor improvements, we hope they make the Official Blog more useful and accessible.

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