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Thursday, February 23, 2006

In Brief - February 23rd, 2006

In Brief is a new feature that we debuted last month. It's basically a bulleted list of news items that we want to mention to you but don't want to do a whole post on. We're not yet sure if In Brief will become daily or stay less frequent, but you can expect to see it often in the future.
  • David Goldstein explains on HorsesAss why the EFF's initiative to require all Washington State voters is illegal...and why the EFF wants people to respond to it.
  • In an investigative report, the Seattle Times discovers why the most unhealthful air in Washington State is in neighborhoods near ports.
  • Senators Murray and Cantwell are calling on the Bush administration to provide more information about the Dubai Ports World deal. They're also calling for congressional hearings. If that doesn't happen, they'll work with their colleagues in the Senate to block the deal.
  • Jon Stahl crows about getting a letter published in the Seattle Weekly expressing disgust over the Sonics' request for taxpayer money.
  • Victory for Oregon progressive activists: The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday upheld Oregon's ban on paying ballot initiative signature gatherers by the number of signatures they obtain. Carla has details at Loaded Orygun.
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