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Saturday, February 25, 2006

GOP Pollster: Public prefers Dems over Bush on national security

I was surfing the Internet earlier this evening, and for some odd reason I decided to check out NewsMax and WorldNetDaily (I was bored, I guess).

Nothing unusual at NewsMax, but when I got to WND and started going through their news archive, I was a bit surprised to see this headline:
Survey: Massive hit on Bush over ports
For 1st time ever, Americans prefer Democrats in Congress over president on national security
I kid you not. I couldn't believe it. I started laughing because I wondered why WND would have such a headline on their front page. I decided to see what it was about. Get this:
New polling information reveals only 17 percent of Americans favor the deal to turn over control of U.S. ports to a state-sponsored company in the United Arab Emirates, and shows a major blow to President Bush's perceived leadership in the war on terror.

Rasmussen Reports says 43 percent indicate they trust the Democrats more on national security today while 41 percent prefer Bush.

"From a political perspective, President Bush's national security credentials have clearly been tarnished due to the outcry over this issue," notes the polling agency. "For the first time ever, Americans have a slight preference for Democrats in Congress over the president on national security issues. The preference for the opposition party is small, but the fact that Democrats are even competitive on the national security front is startling."
More about the poll:
The phone survey of 1,000 adults was conducted Feb 22 and 23. The margin of error for the poll is +/- 4 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence. Political affiliation of those surveyed was 37 percent each for Republicans and Democrats, and 26 percent stating no affiliation.
Now keep in mind this is a Republican pollster - it's Rasmussen Reports, which as many of you know, also does a lot of polling on Congressional races around the country.

Quite frankly I'm amazed that WND put this up on their front page at all, but it's got to be quite a shock for our wingnut friends.

Remember how Karl Rove is going to make national security "THE ISSUE" this year? If Americans trust Democrats more than Bush & Co. on national security Rove's plan could end up backfiring.

Now, this is just one poll, but I think it says a lot about the growing disgust with the GOP mess in Washington D.C. These guys can't be trusted on ANY issue.

They're very good at running up deficits, rewarding their rich friends with tax cuts, and putting our country's bravest in harm's way for absolutely no good reason.

But they are terrible at governing.

And it looks like America is starting to wake up. Democrats in Congress need to turn up the heat and go after these guys. We're the party with the good ideas - Bush & Co. just steal them (like they did with the Department of Homeland Security).

Bush keeps making mistakes and the bad news keeps coming. I remember reading last fall that his advisers were scrapping 2005 and hoping to turn things around after the SOTU last month. Think that's happened?

We've already had the now infamous Cheney shooting his friend incident and now this fiasco over the Dubai Ports World deal, which is already being dubbed "PortGate". Bush did a little backtracking but it was too little, too late. He exposed himself too clearly. The public saw that he doesn't care about protecting America. And this poll reflects that. Democrats are the ones urging restraint, review, caution, thoughtfulness.

We need to capitalize on Bush's mistakes and force him into situations where he'll likely make more. This is not a time to be timid. It is time to stand up and hammer the administration really hard. I'm going to write my representative and Senators and Congress (I'm lucky to be represented only by Dems) and urge them to continue doing just that.

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