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Saturday, February 04, 2006


Seattle P-I columnist Art Thiel writes:
Someone who has had some non-interview contact with Seahawks players around town this week spoke slowly, to emphasize his words.

"The Seahawks ... are ... pissed."

He wasn't a Seahawks employee, and didn't want his well-known name used. He was offering more evidence to the inescapable feeling that the Seahawks resent the hell out of being street urchins at the kitchen door of the NFL establishment, begging for scraps.

Yes, the respect theme is overused. And the Seahawks have said little publicly about their dismay.

This time, it's real, albeit real quiet. From signs great and small, the Seahawks are honing their pique as sharply as their talents. The national media doesn't get it. Fans don't get it. Oddsmakers don't get it.

They'll get it Sunday, when the Seahawks win Super Bowl XL 27-24.

Sure, that reads like a hometown pick. But anyone who has been a regular reader here knows that local-team sentiment appears as often as eloquence in a Bush news conference.


The Seahawks' best asset is their most immeasurable, by standard football metrics. It was explained in another simple burst of light, this from Strong, whom you may know by now is neither braggart nor fool after 13 NFL seasons.

"We take pride," he said, "in being the smartest team in the league."
This isn't a sports blog - but nevertheless, the Seahawks are in the Super Bowl and that's a big news event - and a big deal for the Pacific Northwest region.

Art Thiel is right on. The Seahawks have what it takes to win tomorrow. They've proved it all year. They're tired of the disresepct and so are the fans. They're going to go out to Ford Field and put everything they've got into this game.

As a Seahawks fan, I am disgusted to see this kind of talk from a fellow progressive blogger:
Go Steelers!

We shouldn't invest our civic pride -- or our public treasure -- in a football team, or the eccentric, klepotocratic billionaire who owns it.

Like Jeff, I just can't bring myself to root for the Seahawks. Or at least, I wouldn't be able to if I gave a crap about professional sports or thought they had any relevance to anything whatsoever. I might watch the game tomorrow, but I doubt I'll be rooting.
If you don't care about football, Mr. Stahl - then why are you rooting for the opposing team? Why are you writing about the Super Bowl?

This city has been starved of professional sports championships for decades. We already built the stadiums. We already invested in the sports industry here. What's wrong with wanting a championship? The answer is nothing.

When I go to the East Coast later this year, I want to be able to step off that airplane wearing a sweatshirt with the words "Super Bowl Champions" on it. It's a statement of regional pride. Sure, we have other things to be proud of, but there's nothing wrong with adding your home football team to the list.

I'll leave you with two words before tomorrow's game:

Go Seahawks!!

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