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Monday, January 02, 2006

Windows Users: Protect your computer from WMF vulnerability immediately

Attention all Microsoft Windows users:

Please protect your machines from the WMF vulnerability immediately. Here are the steps to do so, recommended by F-Secure and the good people from the SANS Internet Storm Center:

Step 1. Unregister this DLL file to protect yourself. Here's how:

  • Go to the Start menu. Click on Run.
  • In the dialogue box, type the following, exactly as it appears here: regsvr32 /u shimgvw.dll
  • Click OK. After a few seconds, Windows should say that the DLL was unregistered successfully. Click OK.
Step 2. Install the unofficial patch recommended by F-Secure and SANS. Click here to download the patch. Follow the instructions to install the patch. When installation is complete, you will be prompted to reboot your computer. SANS has analyzed this patch: "It does only what is advertised, it is reversible, and, in our opinion, it is both safe and effective." I myself have the patch installed and have experienced no problems in Windows. This is a good patch.

Don't wait. Do not pay any attention to people who advise you to wait for Microsoft. They're advising that you leave yourself unprotected until the geniuses here in Redmond [two miles from our HQ] figure out a solution. Protect your operating system and your machine now.

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