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Monday, January 02, 2006

Why do they hate America so much?

We feel kind of sorry for this guy (this was submitted to our website):
You and all that support you are anti-American and obviously work for the state. What you are doing is discusting and self destructive. Because of you and the Stalin style gov. that runs this state I am going to make some very sweeping and dramatic changes to the way we do business here. These changes will come in the form of new laws that will no longer permit or encourage your way of thinking. Yes I have much experience in this field, you can check my credentials with LP siding that spent billions in liability claims due to my efforts or you can check with the cable TV provider tha no longer exists due to my efforts to name a couple.
Well, what can we say? The guy is obviously delusional. If he really does hate freedom that much, he could always move out of the U.S.

Anybody want to write him a letter? Darryl? J.C.? Carl?

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