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Monday, January 09, 2006

Television Coverage of Eyman filing

So far, KOMO, KIRO, and KING have all aired reports of Eyman's filing. All of the stations showed Senator Adam Kline confronting Eyman and interrupting his press conference to ask him "Where's the fat, Tim?"

KIRO's first report (KIRO runs a half hour of news from 5:00 to 5:30 and then a whole hour starting at 6 PM) was the longest and included sound bites from both Kline and Eyman. Essex Porter reported for KIRO.

It seems KOMO ran two reports - one early in the five o'clock broadcast and one late. The later one just showed the Kline/Eyman confrontation, but the earlier one (with Keith Eldridge reporting for KOMO) likely gave Eyman more exposure. KING apparently gave Eyman the least coverage of all and focused on the legislative session in general rather than just his initiative.

UPDATE: KIRO ran another segment shortly after 6 PM that was about as long as their first segment. The video footage didn't change very much.

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