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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Press coverage of yesterday's filing

The Associated Press story written by Curt Woodward covering the news conference in the Secretary of State's office has been most widespread:
State Sen. Adam Kline, D-Seattle, stepped in to question Eyman's initiative, spawning a minor shouting match between the two men. Kline later held up a copy of the state's proposed 2006 supplemental budget while asking Eyman which programs should be cut to make up for his tax-cutting measure.

He said Washingtonians approve of some reasonable vehicle fees because they know the money is put to good use. “People are going to make the connection — the taxes they pay go to pay for services they need,” Kline said.

Eyman opponents, citing a state Department of Transportation estimate, said the new measure would cost the state about $2.5 billion over 16 years.
That last part there was a key part of our news release, and it's good to see that at least this important number made it into the article.

The Olympian, KIRO, KOMO, the Seattle P-I (online only) and KGW carried the AP story. The Seattle Times, Seattle P-I, and the News Tribune mentioned Eyman's initiative within the context of other news stories.

Fortunately, Finkbeiner's confirmation that he would vote for the civil rights bill prevented Eyman from getting very many headlines.

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