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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Pacific NW Portal Celebrates One Year Anniversary

One year ago I posted this announcement here on this blog:
The Pacific Northwest has a new information gateway and media center for progressives and Democrats.

Pacific NW Portal has just launched online at

The portal features a "newswire" for Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and the United States, as well as the callsigns and station numbers for all the regional Air America stations.

It also allows visitors to see the latest 4 posts from 12 different blogs - 4 in Washington, 4 in Oregon, and 4 in Idaho - a total of 48 posts, all on one page!


The portal also has a calendar, and a directory of progressive blogs and websites for all three Northwest states.

And on top of that, it has an extremely comprehensive media directory for Washington, Oregon, and Idaho - including newspapers, TV stations, and radio stations.

If you like in the Northwest, Pacific NW Portal is designed for you. Find out what like minded bloggers in your state or region are saying. Browse the latest headlines from your state or enjoy easy access to forward thinking blogs and websites. From a single page, access dozens of newspapers/TV and radio stations in Washington, Oregon, or Idaho.

See how easy it is to stay connected with politics from one web page!

Check out Pacific NW Portal now at
It's hard to believe, but Pacific Northwest Portal is indeed one year old. Thirty blogs are now syndicated, and 214 blogs are linked from our Regional Blogs Directory. I could not have possibly anticipated the significant growth we've experienced over the last twelve months. And here we are, beginning our second year of operation.

To everyone who has visited Pacific Northwest Portal or recommended it to a fellow activist, thank you. A special thanks to those bloggers that link to the Portal or display a "Syndicated" link button. Your support is invaluable and sincerely appreciated by all of us at NPI.

I've posted a diary with more thoughts on the anniversary at Daily Kos.

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