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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

More press coverage of yesterday's news conference

Here's an excerpt from a Longview Daily News article that appeared this morning which focused on Eyman's press conference yesterday (original article not available on the Web):
Eyman was also shadowed by Andrew Villeneuve, chairman of Permanent Defense (Eyman named one of his political-action committees Permanent Offense).

"It's the same thing. Eyman gets attention and people hear the state is wasting money," he said. "He doesn't offer real solutions, just rhetoric."
Not only did I shadow Eyman, but I spoke in response to his phony attacks on state legislators and the Governor for having the courage to invest in transportation.

Preparation for the fall campaign is now underway. We won't be bothering with contingency plans. We are making the assumption now that Eyman will get hundreds of thousands of dollars from Dunmire and that he will in fact be able to buy his way on to the ballot.

We have a tremendous challenge ahead of us. But the 2005 Transportation Package must be protected. We can't afford to lose $2.5 billion in valuable projects that will improve safety, relieve congestion, and bolster our economy.

Permanent Defense will be on the front lines every day this year fighting back against this cynical and arrogant attempt to destroy our state's future. We invite you to join us.

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