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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Mike Webb Responds

A couple of days ago, Mike Webb apparently stopped by and left a comment in the thread attached to the news of his arrest. As you are no doubt aware, Mike Webb was recently fired from 710 KIRO and had the plug pulled on his show.

In the interest of fairness to Mike (since we've been critical of him) his comments are reprinted below. Here's his say:
If you think KIRO will get a progressive more assertive and accurate and challenging than me, think again. I literally put my life on the line by Coming Out on the air when we had no Will and Grace or Queer As Folk. I told the truth of my life to shocked listeners. At age 15, I was dodging billie clubs and rocks fighting to get stories of Vietnam War protests on the air at KMPX in San Francisco .. Probably when you were in diapers.

And about this thing called "journalism." Someone told me it's supposed to be where you get some facts to report. Like: I was not arrested. There was no bail. There was no jail. Someone neglected to include the police report where I was hit by a driver running a stop sign, but I guess that doesn't matter.

That I shelled out a ton of money because somebody didn't want to honor their deal. One thing there will be is vindication. If you think journalism - even advocacy journalism (which I strongly support) requires only to link to or reproduce the rantings of a "fake liberal" such as michael hood at blather watch who very "liberally" said I ordered a "BIG DICK" at Dick's (how nice and "liberally" homophobic) and published a piece that said I should load my "gun, place it to my head, end it all, it's over", well maybe a little night school is in order. Another piece of "liberal" enlightenment.

A Real Progressive, Mike Webb

(January 6th, 2006)
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