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Sunday, January 22, 2006

McGavick, Rove Inc.

Mike McGavick stepped out in front of Washington voters recently to tell the public about himself and his campaign against Maria Cantwell.

Fortunately for him, he did not have to formulate one original thought in the process. McGavick simply referred to his Karl Rove Talking Points Kit: Fear, Divisiveness, Profit at any Cost, Corporations First, Cultural Warfare.

He evoked the Republican's failing war on terror as a reason he should be sent to the Senate. As if the Republican majority already there has been able to make us safer since 9/11.

He suggested putting the squeeze on the border with Canada to keep Americans safer: as if Al Qaeda might be pouring across from there, not hiding in plain sight in our "friend" nation, Pakistan.

He called for "civility" in the Senate, after the draft-doging Republican leadership has called decorated war veterans "cowards" and "people who give comfort to the enemy."

He expressed sympathy for Alito's tearful wife, but no sympathy was dispensed for the dead of hurricane Katrina after Bush's crony "Brownie" bungled the FEMA response.

He promised to balance the budget the Republican's have decimated, but did not mention his own bonus of $2 million while 1,200 workers were laid off at Safeco when he was CEO.

He had conservative Reverend Joe Fuiten lead the invocation at his campaign event, but presumably the prayers were only for approved Christians, not just anyone.

His "talking points" campaign only shows how far the reach of Rove's double-speak is. Republicans will keep selling their cheap bag of tricks until we the public reject these poorly made products, and send them back to the corrupted company that sells them.

One can only hope the citizens of Washington know a McGavick-Rove Inc. product when they see one.

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