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Thursday, January 12, 2006

King County Journal forgets how to read.

Following is the text of my letter to the King County Journal, whose January 11 opinion in support of Alito amounted to a regurgitation of Republican talking points:

Dear King County Journal:

In the January 11, 2006 opinion in support of Samuel Alito being confirmed for the U.S. Supreme Court, you quoted Alito on the issues of Roe v. Wade, presidential powers, and judicial prejudice.

You also chose to use only quotes that are almost verbatim from the Republican Party "talking points" excerpts from Alito's statements, which purposely obfuscate his true beliefs. This shell game with the truth has become a national past time for the Republican Party, and a national embarrassment for its citizens.

Alito has consistently stated his support for the Unitary Theory of government, where presidential powers are seen as widespread and essentially above written law. Since his days with the Reagan White House, he has advocated an imperial presidency. The full, unedited quotes are available in Federalist Society Symposium papers from 2001, and from public statements he made as far back as 1986. His own refusal to admit details of his membership to the Princeton Alumni groups that is racist and sexist further indicates this habit of selective information.

The point here is that sound bites and talking points do not make up a proper inquiry into the character of someone who is going to serve on the highest court in the land. To imply obstructionist behavior on the part of Democrats seeking accuracy is to acquiesce to Bush's personal imperial desires.

In advocating his confirmation without seeking independent verification and documentation, you fail the fundamental test of sound journalism: being a voice for the truth, with verification and proper sources.

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