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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Ken Hutcherson, overzealous Dobson clone

It's always nice to be quoted. From this morning's Seattle Post-Intelligencer:
Hutcherson hopes his battle cry will resound on "Focus on the Family," a national conservative talk radio show powered by Dr. James Dobson. It makes sense that he would choose this program to spread his message. Dobson says his syndicated show touches more than 220 million people across the globe each day, far more people than the 3,500 people who flock east of Seattle to Hutcherson's mega-church each week.

Hutcherson is Dobson's Mini-me and just as overzealous.

"It's no surprise that these two -- Hutcherson, the clone, and Dobson, the master -- are conspiring together to fight this landmark legislation," says the Northwest Progressive Institute, which describes itself as a liberal forum of thought on politics, government and policy.
My thanks to Robert Jamieson for the mention. Those of you who haven't read his column this morning, "Flying on a right wing and a prayer" should do so immediately - it's a great read.

By the way, I looked up the website of Hutcherson's Antioch Bible Church on Netcraft. Seems as recently as February of 2003 they were running on Microsoft's Windows 2000 Server. (Since then, they've been running on FreeBSD, a Unix clone).

But get this - James Dobson's Focus on the Family website IS running on Windows Server and always has been, according to Netcraft.

How ironic - Hutcherson is airing his call for a boycott of Microsoft in a taped radio conversation with Dobson, yet Dobson's organization, which is hosting him, still runs its website on Microsoft software. Good luck with that boycott, guys.

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