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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Higher Ethical Standards

Last Thursday, Darcy Burner's congressional campaign announced the release of Darcy’s House Rules, a plan detailing how her office will interact with lobbyists if elected.

Burner points out that today's Republican controlled Congress is serving special interests and not working to actually represent the people. Burner has challenged her opponent, Dave Reichert, to adopt similiar rules for the remainder of his term.
Darcy Burner will hold her official House office to the highest standards of ethical conduct. She will go beyond the current lax laws that allow lobbyists to control lawmaking in Washington and demand that her office lives up to a higher standard.

The work of Washington’s 8th Congressional District office is the work of the people not the work of powerful DC lobbyists.

NO SECRET LOBBYIST MEETINGS: My office will report all meetings that any member of my staff or I have with a registered lobbyist, to be updated on my website once a week.

NO HELPING MEMBERS CASH IN: No member of Congress with whom I have served who becomes a federal registered lobbyist will be allowed to lobby my staff or me on any issue for 5 years after that member has left Congress.

NO HELPING LOBBYISTS CASH IN: No former member of my staff who becomes a registered federal lobbyist will be allowed to lobby my staff or me on any issue for 5 years after they have left my employment.

NO FAMILY LOBBYISTS: No direct relation of any member of my staff or of mine who is a registered federal lobbyist will be allowed to lobby my office or me.

NO LOBBYIST SPONSORED TRAVEL: All trips by my staff or me will either be official trips and thus paid by Congress or they will be paid by each person taking the trip or, if either partisan or campaign related, by my campaign funds.

NO LOBBYIST GIFTS: No gifts will be accepted by my staff or by me from any registered federal lobbyist.

COMPLIANCE: Any member of my staff who willfully violates any of these rules will be terminated.
We need a representative in Congress who actually works for the people of the 8th Congressional District. And it's clear that there is only one candidate now in this race who we can trust to do that: Darcy Burner.

Noemie Maxwell has also posted a great interview with Darcy which you can read here.

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