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Monday, January 09, 2006

Eyman files new initiative to gut transportation funding

This morning, before the 2006 Legislative session was gaveled open, Tim Eyman and his pals (Mike and Jack Fagan) were in the Secretary of State's office announcing the filing of this year's initiative: an attempt to destroy funding for much of the 2005 Transportation Package.

Permanent Defense responded by releasing a statement this morning condemning the initiative and vowing to fight it. Stopping Eyman will be an extremely high priority this year for the Northwest Progressive Institute and our Permanent Defense division. Despite the recent victory over I-912, the 2005 Transportation Package remains under assault.

I was there on behalf of NPI and Permanent Defense, (To the left you can see a picture of Eyman and his cronies with their chalkboard prop) and I can report that the press conference was well attended by the Olympia press corps.

I expect to see a lot of coverage today and tomorrow. Both myself and Senator Adam Kline (D-Seattle), spoke on behalf of the opposition.

The Transportation Choices coalition, an ally of ours, was also present and will no doubt be working with us to stop this initiative.

It's safe to assume that Eyman has a commitment from Woodinville millionaire Michael Dunmire to supply enough funding to buy the necessary signatures to get on the ballot. Preparation for the fall campaign must begin now - not next month and not six months in the future, but now.

Yes, there are going to be federal races this year. Yes, there will be legislative races. But we ignore this threat at our peril. Every blogger, every activist, and every citizen who cares about having a healthy state to live in should make defeating this initiative an important priority. This is not the only threat we face, but it is huge.

Permanent Defense will serve as the central resource for fighting this campaign. In the coming days and weeks the site will be significantly upgraded to offer more information about the consequences of this incredibly destructive initiative.

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