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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Eric Oemig to challenge Finkbeiner in 45th

Kirkland software engineer and political activist Eric Oemig, who also hosts the cable television show Moral Politics, today declared his intention to run against incumbent State Senator Bill Finkbeiner for the 45th District seat:
"Our district needs a leader who focuses on the basics. We need to solve problems in education. We can improve the financial health of our families and our businesses by making health care affordable. Everyone saves money when we waste less time in traffic," said Oemig. "Our tax dollars should be spent on programs that return more value to families and businesses than we pay in."
Finkbeiner ought to be worried: he's in for a fight. Eric Oemig will be a committed, intelligent candidate who will run a strong campaign to win. A former Microsoft employee, Eric is a progressive candidate who also has a keen understanding of the business world.

Finkbeiner is clearly vulnerable, especially after his vote last session against Ed Murray's civil rights legislation. We don't think that Bill Finkbeiner really represents the people of this district. The 45th needs a new state senator who isn't afraid of the religious right:
"Bill Finkbeiner has been in Olympia since he graduated from college. Our district wants new leadership. We have things that need to get done. Finkbeiner spends his time flip-flopping trying to appease the right wing of his party instead of addressing the needs of the district.

I worked in the private sector to eliminate inefficiencies. I will work to bring that same attention to fiscal accountability to state government. More importantly, I have the integrity to make sure people know how I will vote on key issues."
If elected, Eric Oemig has made clear that he will be more than happy to vote in favor of the civil rights bill, thus ensuring its passage.

Eric Oemig will be a formidable and credible challenger to Bill Finkbeiner. We will be following Eric's campaign and analyzing this race with great interest in the months to come.

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