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Monday, January 30, 2006

Another reason to hate Tim Eyman

Apparently Eyman's new mission is to make himself popular with crazy right wing fundamentalists:
Tim Eyman filed an initiative and a referendum this morning aimed at getting rid of the gay rights bill passed by the Legislature on Friday.

State law bans discrimination based on race, sex, religion, marital status, disability and other categories. The gay rights measure passed by the Legislature adds sexual orientation to that list. Gov. Christine Gregoire plans to sign the Legislation Tuesday.


The gay rights measure passed by the Legislature has been around in some form for 29 years. Gregoire today said she'll fight any effort to undo the new law.

"I'm surprised someone would file an initiative to say let's discriminate against our fellow citizens," Gregoire said. "It strikes me as counter to the values of the state of Washington to have an initiative now that would say to the people of the state of Washington it's ok to discriminate... against gays and lesbians."
Words cannot describe our anger and disgust for this liar, bigot, and profiteer.

Tim Eyman is truly an evil person.

He seeks to cripple the very institutions that form the foundation of our representative democracy.

He seeks to appeal to the people of the state under false pretenses, masquerading as a faux populist and distorting the truth, attempting to convince the electorate to stab itself in the back.

He seeks to destroy funding for our most precious and valued public services - services that make our communities livable, like police and fire protection, libraries and schools, parks and pools, and public works.

He seeks to make our society less safe and undermine our economy by wiping out government investments in transportation infrastructure.

And now he seeks to allow discrimination and inequality in Washington State.

Tim Eyman is a filthy, despicable creature. This organization, the Northwest Progressive Institute, and its Permanent Defense division, will not allow Tim Eyman to go unchallenged.

This organization will stand up not only to defend transportation funding, but it will also stand up to defend equality and civil rights.

Tim Eyman has been defeated before. He will be defeated again. Whether or not his measures get on the ballot this year, we will work to stop him. The fight against Eyman is a battle to save the future and the health of Washington State. We can and we will win it.

We are in the midst of putting together the resouces necessary to organize a grassroots fight against Eyman's measures. If you'd like to be a part of this effort, click here.

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