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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

8th Congressional District Race Update

I just returned home from a meeting of the 45th District Democrats, where we were addressed by Darcy Burner, who is for the moment the only candidate officially in the race, now that Randy Gordon has decided to end his bid.

Darcy's campaign is firing on all cylinders: she's surpassed the $200,000 mark for the end of the quarter, she's put together an incredibly talented group of people to run her campaign, and she's been getting some high profile endorsements from people like former Governor Gary Locke (read more about that here).

If you didn't see Darcy's last post to Daily Kos, you might want to take a look at that as well. It's all about how bills that would actually make America safer have been languishing in Dave Reichert's House subcommittee for over six months - which is one of the things Darcy mentioned in her speech to the 45th District Democrats' membership.

If you're interested in this race (especially if you live in the 8th District) I strongly urge you to check out Darcy's website to learn how you can help.

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