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Monday, January 09, 2006

45th District should be represented by someone with integrity

Eric Oemig, a candidate for State Senate in the 45th District, has released a statement in reaction to Senator Bill Finkbeiner's announcement confirming that he would vote for the civil rights bill this year:
It is hard to stomach my own State Senator saying "I don't agree with the politicization of people's personal lives..." after voting against civil rights legislation while he was leading the Senate Republicans. Now that he is up for re-election, he has stepped down from his leadership post and will vote for it.

It is also hard to believe that anyone with real world experience is just now coming to terms with the discrimination of gays and lesbians. I do not presume to understand Bill Finkbeiner's motives, but he is either seriously out of touch or incredibly politically opportunistic.

Our district deserves better. Our district deserves someone with real world experience in the business community.

Our voters deserve someone who can explain their position on something and then vote that way. If in some way, I have added some political pressure on Senator Finkbeiner to vote his conscience, this campaign has already been worth it.
Eric Oemig announced his campaign to run for state Senate almost a week ago and plans on mounting a serious challenge to Finkbeiner this fall. We'll continue bringing you news and analysis focusing on this race throughout the remainder of the year.

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