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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The 2005 David Neiwert Awards

This morning, the Northwest Progressive Institute is pleased to present the 2005 David Neiwert Awards to honor the achievements and accomplishments of the Pacific Northwest's most active progressive bloggers this past year.

This is of course the first year of the awards, which we hope to make an annual and celebrated tradition.

The awards are named for David Neiwert, a freelance journalist and the founder of one of the Northwest's most respected blogs, Orcinus, which has been on the Web since the beginning of 2003 and is currently syndicated on Pacific NW Portal. Besides writing Orcinus, Mr. Neiwert has reported for and has also penned several oustanding books, including Strawberry Days, Death on the Fourth of July, and In God's Country.

NPI thanks Mr. Neiwert for graciously agreeing to allow us to name this awards tradition in his honor, and we offer our congratulations and heartfelt thanks to the winners of this year's awards.

See the recipients now: jump to the David Neiwert Awards on Pacific Northwest Portal.

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