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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Who will be the next state party chair?

It'll be interesting to see how this all plays out. Here's an overview some of the possible candidates - of all the candidates, either undeclared or declared, only Greg Rodriguez has a website up. If the others put up websites we'll be sure to give them a link.

Greg Rodriguez
Previously elected as the Treasurer of the King County Democrats in 2000. Two years later, he was elected Chair of the King County Democrats. He made a run for state paty chair a year ago but lost to Paul Berendt, who decided to run for Chair again because of the gubernatorial election controversy. This year, he was the Treasurer for Washington Defense PAC and contributed significantly to the fight against I-912. NPI's executive director has endorsed Greg for Chair. Bill Phillips, a candidate for Chair in 2004, has endorsed Greg. (See an interview Greg did with Evergreen Politics last January here)

Dwight Pelz
Former King County Councilmember. Ran for City Council against Richard McIver and lost. (NPI issued a dual endorsement in that race supporting both McIver and Pelz.)Was an early supporter of Howard Dean. Has also been a state senator and director of Citizen Action.

Mike Cooper
An Edmonds firefighter who was the Democratic nominee for Lands Commissioner in 2004. He ran against Doug Sutherland and lost. Mike earned a resounding endorsement from NPI in his bid for lands commissioner.

Kat Overman
The co-founder of a political club, the Possession Sound Democratic Club, and previously the political organizer of the King County Labor Council. Worked on Mike Sells' campaign for the state House of Representatives. (See an interview she did with Evergreen Politics last January here)

Eileen Macoll
Currently Vice Chair of the state Democratic Party.

Janet Miller
Previously the Chair of the 46th District Democrats and an activist. Currently on the state central committee.

If you want to know more about what Kat Overman and Greg Rodriguez think, check out this DFW questionnaire from last year's race for state party chair.

UPDATE: We have received personal confirmation from Sandy Gourley that she is NOT running for state party chair. Apologies to Sandy. We regret the error. We picked up Sandy's name from a couple of other blogs, including the Washington State Political Report. Additionally, Craig Mason's campaign apparently no longer exists (since that's the case, Keith should probably take the website down). Richard Wright, however, is campaigning against Republican Doc Hastings.

SECOND UPDATE: Richard Kelley has confirmed he is not a candidate either:
I will not be a candidate for chair of the state Party. It was not a hard decision, and it was kind of people to offer their support, but I think we will have a strong field of candidates and the Party will be in good hands.
Pelz, Cooper, and Rodriguez are the most likely candidates.

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