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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Looking Back: The End of 2005

So this is it. The end of 2005 is upon us. For some people on this Earth, 2006 is already here. For the rest of us, we are in the twilight hours, minutes, and seconds of what has truly been an eventful year.

A year ago the progressive blogosphere was very different. There were an amazing number of new blogs that were created this year. As of the end of this year, Pacific Northwest Portal's Regional Blogs Directory had 214 progressive blogs from Washington, Oregon, and Idaho indexed in its listings.

Simply put, the blogosphere is a much bigger place now than it was 365 days ago.

On this blog, we posted over eight hundred times this year alone - roughly twice a day on average. (An eighth of those posts, by the way, were about opposing Initiative 912).

Another eighth of this year's posts were written discussing one aspect or another of the gubernatorial election challenge, including a significant number published during the trial last May and June.

So ends 2005. Let us hope that the fortunes of the progressive movement - our fortunes - continue to rise in 2006.

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